Rollover Accidents & Seatbelts

Roll Over Accidents

Rollover accidents are a significant threat on the nations roadways. Tennessee is not exempt from its share of dangerous and deadly rollover accidents. On August 8, 2014, three individuals (two of whom worked for the City of Knoxville) were killed in a rollover SUV accident.

Rollover accidents can be caused by failures in a vehicles ability to turn without losing stability. Many fatal SUV crashes involve a rollover accident where a driver took a turn with too much speed. This is the case in the recent Knoxville accident.

The August 8th accident that killed 3 Tennessee residents, noted by the police report, was caused in part by the driver taking a left turn with far too much speed near the White Oak Lane intersection. Rollover accidents are more common in SUVs because they have a higher center of gravity. The tragedy killed all three of the vehicles occupants.

The fact that neither the driver nor the passengers were wearing a seatbelt serves as a tragic reminder about the importance of consistent seatbelt usage. The police report indicated that had the occupants of the vehicle worn seatbelts, they may not have been thrown from the vehicle during the accident. Being thrown from a vehicle during an accident greatly increases the risk of death.  

Additionally, the drivers and passengers were all intoxicated, which created additional driving challenges. Two of the passengers who were killed were longtime employees of the city of Knoxville.

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