Who is Liable for a Crash Caused by Dangerous Road Conditions?

car approaching pothole in roadWhen a car crash happens, contributing factors could involve one or more drivers, bad weather or the vehicle being driven. However, sometimes an accident can also happen because of poor road conditions. Who can be held liable for this type of accident? How can you recover compensation for your damages?

At Greg Coleman Law, we are familiar with the types of collisions that are due to road hazards, such as potholes or uneven pavement, and we know how to determine who may be liable for your injuries and other losses.

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Non-Weather Road Conditions That Can Cause an Accident

When people think of dangerous road conditions, many may initially think about bad weather, such as rain or snow. While these are legitimate risks for drivers, there are also non-weather road conditions that may increase the risk of an accident, including:

Road Debris

Road debris may be difficult to see on a highway with fast-moving traffic, especially at night when visibility is already reduced. Common types of debris could include tires, vehicle parts, household items, even trailers and other improperly secured objects that may dislodge from vehicles and trucks.


Some potholes can be quite large; enough to cause serious damage to your vehicle. If a driver does not see the pothole in time to slow down, it could also cause a driver to lose control of his or her car.

Poor Road Design

Poor road design could involve many factors that can impact safety for cars and other vehicles, including:

  • Unsafe road bends that are not marked with proper warning
  • Construction zones with poor signage
  • Lack of street lighting
  • Incorrect road markings
  • Issues with on and off highway ramps
  • Bridges with no signage to warn vehicles of height limits

Lack of Road Maintenance

Regular road maintenance needs to happen, especially on high traffic roads. However, small problems are often left to become bigger issues, and even those may not be repaired until an accident occurs. Hazards that are commonly caused by a lack of road maintenance include:

  • Eroded pavement or asphalt
  • Missing road signs
  • Overgrown shrubbery 
  • Damaged guardrails
  • Malfunctioning traffic lights
  • Faded road markings

Who May Be Liable for Injuries Caused by Poor Road Conditions?

Determining liability for a car crash caused by dangerous conditions on local or state roads varies. Some of the most common liable parties may be:

  • Other drivers – If a poorly maintained vehicle or improperly secured items, such as a mattress, furniture, or other household item contributed to a crash.
  • Truck drivers, owners or others in the trucking industry – For overloaded vehicles, improperly secured cargo, tire blow out, a dislodged trailer and more.
  • Government entities – If poorly maintained roads, such as a missing guardrail or an unrepaired pothole, may have led to your accident.

Statute of Limitations

We do not recommend waiting to seek legal assistance. Regardless of who may be liable for your accident, Tennessee’s statute of limitations puts a firm deadline on your ability to file a claim. In most cases, this is just one year from the date of your accident. If you miss that date, you will not be able to recover compensation for your losses.

Get Legal Help From a Qualified Attorney

Pursuing a claim for compensation against the party or parties responsible for the accident that caused your injuries is challenging. Regardless of what type of road condition may have contributed to your accident, you have the burden of proving fault resulting from negligence led to your accident.

At Greg Coleman Law, we have extensive experience and resources, and we know how to build a strong argument for a valid case. We have recovered millions for injured clients throughout the state, and we are prepared to pursue maximum compensation on your behalf.

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