Will COVID-19 Affect My Ongoing Personal Injury Claim?

woman driving protective face maskAll businesses and government agencies are affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Understandably, accident victims want to know what impact this shutdown will have on a personal injury claim already in-process.

Greg Coleman Law discusses this important topic, including what temporary changes are happening in the Tennessee court system, what this means for your case, and how your efforts can also help to protect your claim.

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Are The Courts Remaining Open During COVID-19?

While courts remain open, there is a limit to in-person jury trials and court hearings. The Supreme Court issued orders, effective from March 13, 2020 until May 31, 2020. to help limit the spread of coronavirus. Although restrictions could begin to lift sooner than that, the order currently:

  • Discourages and limits in-person proceedings except in extraordinary situations.
  • Allows for some court processes to happen remotely using approved online conferencing applications obtained by the Administrative Office of the Courts.
  • Extends the statute of limitations in many cases where the deadline was set to expire between March 13 and May 31, 2020. The new statute of limitations may be June 5, 2020; however, it is best to have your attorney review your unique claim to determine the date that applies in your situation.

What this means for you is that even though there will be no face-to-face meetings or in-person court hearings, your case can continue to progress as long as your attorney has the resources to fully manage your case online.

At Greg Coleman Law, we have access to the resources we need, and our Knoxville personal injury lawyers are fully prepared to continue moving your case forward through various online processes.

Steps You Can Take To Continue To Protect The Value of Your Claim

Having one of our knowledgeable Knoxville personal injury lawyers on your side may benefit your claim in many ways, even during the novel coronavirus pandemic. However, it is essential that you take certain steps to continue to protect your claim as well, including:

  • Seek proper medical care, including following doctor prescriptions for treatments, medication and follow-up care, as required.
  • Maintain a written record of your daily healing progress, including the degree of pain you experience and how your injuries limit you from doing normal activities.
  • Do any physical therapy as required

Is It Safe To Get Medical Care During COVID-19?

This is an important question to answer, and in short, yes, you should always be examined by a physician after an accident. Seeking medical care following an accident helps to protect your health and get you the care you need. This is especially important if you suffered an injury with no immediate or visible evidence, such as a concussion, traumatic brain injury or organ damage. These types of injuries may be extremely serious or life-threatening.

Additionally, getting professional medical care creates an official record and helps link your injuries to your accident. Without this documentation, you are unlikely to get the full value of your claim. The insurance company may even argue that you may have been injured elsewhere and deny your claim altogether.

In-person essential medical care is still available, even during this pandemic. Healthcare workers are equipped with protective clothing and know how to proceed to limit your risk, and theirs, for spreading the virus. However, you should continue to follow the social distancing recommendations by wearing your own mask and gloves. Your physician will also continue to wear his or her protective gear while providing the care you need.

In some cases, you may be able to seek treatment, prescriptions and physical therapy via online video conference. Contact your healthcare provider to see what options may be available.

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