Pedestrian Accident Fatalities On The Rise

Local Knoxville authorities have released details on separate pedestrian vs. car accidents that have been increasing at an alarming rate in the city.

On Friday afternoon, an 83 year old woman from Rockford was hit by the side mirror of a moving vehicle while she was checking her mailbox on Grade Road and required her to be transported to a local hospital for observation.

Authorities are currently looking for the driver of the vehicle allegedly involved a male motorist in a gold colored pickup truck.

In another Knoxville car accident, two pedestrians were killed while others were injured after being struck on Interstate 40 in Knoxville.

According to sources, a westbound vehicle struck two stationary vehicles that then careened into a group of pedestrians standing near the roadside.

While the occupants of the vehicles that were hit by the westbound vehicle were mostly uninjured, the driver and passenger in the at fault vehicle were taken to hospital with non life threatening injuries with the driver of that vehicle being charged with vehicular homicide.

At the law offices of Greg Coleman Law, we urge all motorists to exercise extreme care when driving near pedestrians and for pedestrians to be extra vigilant when crossing our roadways.

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