Who Is Liable for Defective Product Injuries?

gavel and law bookWhen someone is injured by a defective product, several parties could be held liable for the victim’s injury. However, determining which party is liable depends on what caused the product to become dangerous or harmful for users.

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Below, our seasoned Knoxville personal injury attorneys explain which parties could be responsible for your defective product injury and why.

Manufacturers and Suppliers of Defective Products

If the product is defective due to a design flaw or a manufacturing error, the product’s manufacturer can be held liable for any injuries a victim suffers from using the product.

Design Defects

If you are injured by a product because it has a defective design, you must prove the product’s design caused the product to be unreasonably dangerous to use. This means the product is dangerous to when it was used properly.

Generally, the company that designed the product can be held liable for this type of defect. This may include the product manufacturer or other companies or consultants who originally designed the product.

Manufacturing Defects

A manufacturing defect occurs when the product’s design is safe, but an issue occurs when it is manufactured that makes it dangerous.

In these situations, the manufacturer may be named in a claim, as well as quality control engineers overseeing the product’s manufacture.


If a third-party supplier supplied a part that is defective, that supplier could potentially be held liable. This happened with the defective Takata airbags, in which the airbag inflator, one component of the airbag, was defective. In such a case, the supplier and manufacturer could be held liable.

Sellers and Distributors of Defective Products

Sellers, retailers and distributors are not involved in the development or manufacturing of a defective product. However, these parties could still be held liable for selling you a defective or dangerous product.

If the product’s defect existed when the company had possession of it, the company may be responsible for injuries caused by the item.

If you are not the original purchaser of a defective product, you can still bring a claim for damages related to your injuries.

An example of such a situation would be if you were given a defective product by someone else and sustained an injury, or were injured when a product was being used by another person.

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