What Does ‘No Upfront Fees’ Mean for Your Case?

having discussion at tableGreg Coleman Law represents personal injury victims on contingency. That means there are no upfront costs for hiring our firm or while we represent you throughout the legal process. The initial consultation to determine if you may have a case is also free of charge. 

Our firm bears the legal costs up front. If we recover compensation through a settlement or court case, we charge a percentage of the compensation to cover our costs. The percentage amount, which we will explain in your free consultation, depends on the type of case. 

We do not get paid for our services unless you receive compensation.

Why Do Attorneys Take Cases with No Upfront Fees?

Not charging upfront fees benefits injury victims, as you can obtain legal representation no matter your financial situation. Many people simply do not have the money they would need to pay an attorney up front to represent them.

By advancing your legal costs, our attorneys can help to even the odds, as these claims are often against insurance companies that have a lot of financial resources.

What Happens in a Free Consultation with Our Firm?

Our attorneys discuss the fees we charge and other aspects of your case in your free legal consultation. Since there is no obligation to hire our firm, there is no risk to you in meeting with us.

Our fees are explained in a contract you and your attorney must sign before work can begin on your case.

Your free consultation also gives you a chance to ask questions you may have about the legal process.

How are Our Attorneys Paid After a Case is Settled or a Verdict is Reached?

If your attorney obtains compensation for your damages, the total amount recovered will be detailed in a closing statement. The statement will also detail our costs for representing you and any medical debts or health insurance company liens related to treatment of your injuries.

Once you have read through and signed the closing statement, compensation will be paid out. We are here to answer all your questions, including those about the compensation award and our fees.

What Happens When Lawyers Charge Upfront Fees?

Most personal injury cases are taken on contingency. However, there are many other types of cases where lawyers cannot advance the fees for their clients. In these situations, lawyers charge upfront fees. There is often a retainer, which is like a down payment, before the lawyer starts working for them.

Any work not covered by the retainer is usually covered by hourly fees the lawyer charges, such as for reviewing documents, answering the phone, talking to witnesses and obtaining evidence.

Retainers can be thousands of dollars and an hourly fee could be hundreds of dollars. These costs can add up quickly.

How You Can Contact an Attorney for Assistance

We know you may have many questions about our fees and whether you may have a case.

We are ready to take your call today (865) 247-0080. There are no upfront fees or obligations, so there is no risk to you in contacting us. You also have the option of completing a Free Case Evaluation form, after which, someone will get back to you shortly.

Greg Coleman Law has recovered hundreds of millions on behalf of our clients.

No upfront fees or obligations. Call us at (865) 247-0080.