NHTSA Takata Recalls May End up in Court

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is considering forcing the automotive industry to issue nationwide recalls for all driver-side airbags that were made by Takata.

Takata, a Japanese airbag supplier that supplies more than a quarter of the worlds airbags, has failed to reassure the NHTSA that a limited recall would be sufficient to keep motorists safe. The companys airbags are widely considered to be defective.

The airbags have a tendency to deploy rapidly and explode. When the airbags improperly inflate, the metal shards inside the airbags can rupture the bag and puncture the torsos of vehicle occupants.

The NHTSA is attempting to force Takata and all automakers to recall the vehicles. Most manufacturers have agreed to a nationwide recall, but there are several who are holding out until the NHTSA can compel them to widen the recall.

The process of creating a mandatory recall is extensive. A final defect ruling by the NHTSA can be challenged in federal court. The NHTSA lost in 1983 and 1987. These are the last two times the safety regulator went to court, and in both cases the federal courts found that the NHTSAs defect findings were not supported.

Takata has dug its heels in quite deeply. The company has refused to widen the recall and seems to be resisting cooperating with the NHTSA.

The largest auto companies, including Toyota, also seem to be experiencing stonewalling on the part of Takata. A recent meeting was convened in Michigan by many auto companies intent on creating an independent investigatory panel to determine how dangerous Takata airbags actually are.

It is in the best interest of public safety to ensure that every car on the road is as safe as possible. The battle over the airbag recalls continues to rage.

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