NHTSA Is Checking Its Safety Regulations For Self-Driving Cars

autonomous vehicle regulationsSelf-driving cars are currently being test-driven in multiple states throughout the country. With Googles autonomous vehicle most recently having been involved in a crash that led to injuries, its time the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration begin thinking about regulating these types of vehicles.

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While Google and other tech companies are developing self-driving cars, one government agency is reviewing its set of vehicle safety rules to make sure they are up-to-date. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is checking vehicle safety rules to make sure they do not conflict with self-driving car systems.

The announcement by the head of the NHTSA comes amid myriad developments in the world of self-driving cars. Both General Motors and Tesla are developing vehicles that are at least partially "self-driving." Tesla is expected to announce its first vehicle with a system its engineers dubbed "autopilot." This system will allow a semi-autonomous, hands-free driving experience. General Motors, on the other hand, is expected to announce its first vehicle with "super cruise" system. This semi-automated driving system will be installed on Cadillac models.

The NHTSA is carefully reviewing its rules to check whether they affect the launch of autopilot and super cruise systems. Mark Rosekind, administrator of the government agency, has said that they are trying to understand whether their rules are innovation-friendly.

Moreover, he pointed out that the lines between state and federal vehicle safety laws are blurred. However, he stressed that the NHTSA is going to play a vital role in ensuring the safety of self-driving cars. He also said that this agency is going to develop a variety of standards that will be applied to self-driving systems.

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