Lawyers for Federal Parity Act Claim Defeat Motion to Dismiss, Establish New Law

Greg Coleman Law firmThe attorneys of client Collyer Smith recently defeated a motion to dismiss brought by defendants, Golden Rule Insurance Company, United Healthcare Services, Inc and Savvysherpa Administrative Services, LLC.

Greg Coleman Law shares more about this court decision, and why it is significant.

Smith’s Federal Parity Act

The claims arose out of the defendants’ alleged common practice of presumptively denying insurance coverage for intensive outpatient services and urinalysis tests. This practice is determined to be inconsistent when compared with how the defendants currently treat requests for coverage of other similar medical services.

The significance of the court’s decision is that it validates Smith’s federal Parity Act claim brought as a breach of contract under common law. This may be the first time that a court, specifically the Southern District of Indiana, has validated such a claim. The case is being presented as a class action.

Smith is represented by Greg Coleman Law, Delaney & Delaney LLC, Jordan Lewis, P.A., Crueger Dickson LLC and Wexler Wallace LLP.

The decision can be read in its entirety here.