Making Cars Safer Using New V2V Communication Technology

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has proposed new safety standards that it says will decrease the number of crashes on the roads and the number of traffic accident fatalities.

The NHTSA announced proposed new safety standards to be implemented in all new cars after 2016. The new safety standard is vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communication systems. In particular, new cars in the future will be required to have Left Turn Assist (LTA) and Intersection Movement Assist (IMA) which can help drivers avoid accidents at intersections and ensure that blind spots are clear.

V2V technologies allow cars to exchange information about traffic conditions, road conditions, signaling and other driver relevant information. The NHTSA and car manufacturers have stated private information will not be exchanged and that no identifying information about a vehicle or the driver will be released.

Companies such as Volvo have gone even further in their development of V2V technologies to incorporate communication between vehicles and traffic signs and road conditions. That communication technology is collectively referred to as V2X.

V2X capabilities will warn drivers about road conditions including slippery ice patches, wet conditions that may cause hydroplaning and changes in the speed limits as drivers move from one region to another.

V2X capabilities will tell drivers what they need to do in order to avoid a potential car accident. The data collected will also warn road safety officials about steps they can take to create safer driving conditions. This will be especially useful in states and countries where there is heavy snowfall.

The standards will not be mandatory until after 2016 when the NHTSA hopes to have a set of finalized standards in place.

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