Why Class Action Lawsuits Are Important

female judge with gavelA recent settlement in a class action lawsuit involving Forjas Taurus pistols provides an important reminder of why class action lawsuits are so important for protecting consumers and holding corporations liable for injuries to consumers.

A class action lawsuit allows a group of individuals to file a single lawsuit against an entity that has caused them harm. In this type of lawsuit, a single representative, represents the interests of the class. They are most common in cases involving defective products. To learn more, contact our accomplished Knoxville class action lawyers.

A Dangerous and Defective Product

The lawsuit was filed by an Iowa police officer whose Taurus pistol went off after falling from his hip and hitting the ground while the manual safety was engaged, which is supposed to prevent the weapon from firing.

The settlement, recently approved by the United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit, is valued at $239 million and allows nearly one million owners of Taurus guns to return their pistols to the company in exchange for a new, comparable pistol or to receive $200 in lieu of a new pistol.

Class members also have the option to file their own personal injury lawsuit for injuries from an unintended discharge of a gun.

Protecting American Consumers

In a recent article published in The Hill, the executive director of Public Justice argued that this case was an important reminder of the importance of class action lawsuits.

This is of increasing importance in light of H.R. 985 (Fairness in Class Action Litigation Act of 2017), which aims to limit consumers’ ability to file class action lawsuits. The bill has already passed the U.S. House of Representatives and is currently pending before the Senate.

If passed, this bill will make it so that only those who have suffered the “same type and scope of injury” from a defective product can file a class action lawsuit. This is in sharp contrast to the current law that allows anyone who has purchased a defective product to file a lawsuit.

This is a significant change that can greatly impact the safety of U.S. consumers, as class action lawsuits are currently one of the most effective tools for removing dangerous and defective products from the market.

This is because class action lawsuits allow injured consumers to have a more significant and louder voice against large corporations that have wronged them. A class of hundreds or thousands of consumers is much more influential than a single lawsuit filed by one injured consumer.

If a class action lawsuit had not been filed regarding the Taurus pistols, thousands of the defective guns would still be out on the streets, potentially causing serious injury and death. Furthermore, consumers likely would not have been made aware of the defect.

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