Are Head-Up Displays a Safety Enhancement or Distraction for Drivers?

head-up display for carsDisplay technology previously used in airplanes is now becoming available in the automobile world. Many premium priced cars feature head-up displays (HUDs), which project certain information in the windshield, including speed and navigation tools.

Many proponents of HUDs claim these features will improve safety on the roadways, as drivers no longer have to look away from the road to get important information.

HUD advocates also point to existing collision detection technology, which could be combined with HUDs. Current collision detection devices simply sound an alarm or apply the brakes if an object is detected. With HUD technology, the objects would also be highlighted on the windshield, making it easier for drivers to avoid them.

Critics of this technology believe that it is yet another way for drivers to become distracted, contributing to more auto accidents.

Some companies are already busy developing certain functions that could allow drivers to respond and receive texts, use social media, make dinner reservations, play music and much more. All of this would happen while drivers keep their eyes on the road ahead.

With distracted driving already becoming a leading cause of fatal car accidents, the independent National Safety Council (NSC) believes over-use of this technology could be a recipe for disaster. Although the makers of these devices claim they are safer than smartphones since they are hands-free, they still take the drivers attention away from the road.

With no federal regulations governing HUD technology, the NSC is concerned these unnecessary and potentially dangerous features will be added to HUDs as a selling point.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety suggests calling for more research to determine whether or not this technology will lead to more roadway collisions. For now, premium cars such as BMW, Lexus, Mercedes, Audi, and Cadillac already have these features available with certain packages.

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