Greg Coleman Law Files Putative Class Action Lawsuit Against NO-BURST Manufacturer

Fluidmaster Inc., (Fluidmaster) is the American manufacturer of NO-BURST steel pipes. The pipes, often marketed as tough, are used across the country in household faucets, toilets and dishwashers. They transport water to household fixtures and appliances.

The company markets the braided steel pipes under several different monikers, including:

  • Fluidmaster NO-BURST braided stainless steel supply lines
  • Fluidmaster Supply Lines
  • Braided Lines
  • NO-BURST Lines

Contrary to Fluidmasters claims about the strength of their pipes, the pipes tend to burst and in the process cause severe damage in homes and commercial building across the nation. Relatively affordable and accessible in stores such as Home Depot and Lowes, the steel braided pipes are popular among renovators and homeowners.

The suit finds multiple faults with the steel used to build and create the pipes, the marketing campaign used to launch the pipes and the design of the NO-BURST steel pipes.

In the complaint, Greg Coleman Law details how over the course of 20 years, Fluidmaster Inc., has sold steel braided pipes that contrary to their marketing, actually routinely rupture and burst.

Additionally, the complaint alleges that the companys use of inferior rubber tubing inside the pipes leads to bursting tubes when the outer steel shell is improperly corroded by steel pipes.

In the way of damages, the complaint requests that homeowners who have been damaged by the NO-BURST steel pipes are entitled to all costs associated with repairing, removing and/or replacing their steel-braided pipes.

The complaint also requests that the company be prevented from improperly marketing itself.

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