Greg Coleman Law 2015 Litigator Award Winner

Greg ColemanGreg Coleman Law, PC has been bestowed the honor of receiving a 2015 Litigator Award. This prestigious national award ranks the top one percent of law firms in specific practice areas. Greg Coleman Law, PC was selected as such for their outstanding achievement in: personal injury litigation, asbestos and mesothelioma, class action law and Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA).

This is the second year in a row the firm has been awarded this honor, thanks to their exceptionally hard-working and talented team of personal injury lawyers.

As the most sought-after symbol of "litigation achievement", this honor recognizes trial attorneys who achieved extraordinary litigation accomplishments within pre-defined "practice specialty" categories.

The award is based solely on "verdict and/or settlement" dollar amount, rather than peer recommendation. The Litigator Awards are the most transparent and open rating system, based on a rigorous assessment of actual results, rather than subjective opinion.

Being nominated alone is a huge honor, placing a law firm among the professional elite. Receiving the award generally establishes a firm among the finest litigators in the nation.

To be eligible for the award, nominees must prove litigation achievement across several benchmarks, including:

  • A verified "verdict or settlement" of at least $1 million within 5 years prior to nomination in one practice specialty category.
  • At least one $5 million "verdict or settlement" within 10 years prior to nomination for practice specialty category.
  • At least one $10 million "verdict or settlement" within 20 years prior to nomination for practice specialty category.

Only one percent of trial lawyers in the nation are selected for this prestigious award, symbolizing the award recipient's performance as exemplary compared to their peers. Nearly 1.1 million lawyers were nominated, but only a select few in each state or metro area achieve the distinction of receiving the award in any practice specialty.

The attorneys at Greg Coleman Law are honored to accept this award, demonstrating the remarkable performance of the firm in the areas of personal injury, class action consumer, ERISA, asbestos and mesothelioma litigation.

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