General Motors Settles Wrongful Death Lawsuit

lawyerGeneral Motors (GM), the large auto company that recalled millions of vehicles in 2014, recently settled a wrongful death lawsuit from 2010. The family of Brooke Melton sued after Melton's Chevrolet Cobalt malfunctioned and disabled the car's airbag system.

Melton was traveling on Georgia highway when the key switched from the on position to the accessory position which disabled the power airbags. She was then involved in an auto accident that caused her death when the airbags failed to deploy.

The details of the settlement were not revealed, but a GM spokesman did confirm that a deal was finally reached. This is the second lawsuit that the Melton family has filed against GM. The testimony revealed in the first lawsuit was responsible, in part, for the more than 2.5 million vehicles that the company recalled in 2014 for ignition switch defects.

The company settled the first lawsuit in 2013, for $5 million. But during the depositions, the company admitted that they had been aware of the defects for nearly a decade. The family filed a second lawsuit alleging that GM knowingly sold defective vehicles to the public.

Brooke Melton's parents, Ken and Beth, stated that they sued the second time to get GM to admit that they had concealed evidence of the ignition switch defect.

The airbag defect in GM vehicles has been traced back to a problem with the ignition switches in vehicles produced by GM. Millions of vehicles have been found to have the same safety defect.

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Auto companies have a responsibility to the public to provide cars that have been tested and that are safe. When companies negligently endanger the public, they should be held accountable.

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