General Motors Announces Parking Brake Recalls

GM Parking Brake Recall Lawyer

On September 21, 2014, General Motors (GM) announced that the company would be recalling more than 220,000 cars due to a parking-brake safety defect that can cause fires. The recall applies to the 2014-2015 Chevrolet Impalas and 2013-2015 Cadillac XTS vehicles.

GM did state that the company was not aware of any car accidents, injuries or deaths caused by the parking-brake defect. More than 205,000 of the vehicles were sold in the United States and the rest were sold in Canada and other countries.

The new Impala and Chevys have already been subject to transmission defects and improper acceleration recalls. This is a separate and new issue facing the new vehicles. This will cause untold frustration among consumers who already fixed the first recall issue. 

The parking-brake safety defects can cause a fire when the brake pads are partially engaged for a long period of time. The problem is that the rear brakes generate heat, smoke and sparks. The rotors may also cause excessive heat which may lead to a fire.

General Motors has announced that they will fix the vehicles and repair them for free. General Motors has recalled over 30 million cars in the first three quarters of 2014. Dealerships are experiencing a shortage of parts and appointment times.

Owners are experiencing a significant delay in even getting their vehicles assessed and fixed. In the meantime, consumers are still going to have to run errands, go to work and take children to school.

This unfortunate set of circumstances, means that consumers are experiencing severe delays in getting recalled cars, vans and SUVs repaired.

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