Greg Coleman Law Represents Plaintiffs In Fluidmaster No-Burst Pipes Class Action Lawsuit

Fluidmaster pipe leak

No-Burst pipes are manufactured and marketed by a company called Fluidmaster. The pipes are steel pipes that are commonly used in household faucets, dishwashers and toilets. The company has sold the pipes for over 20 years.

The marketing campaign that was used to launch and sustain sales of Fluidmaster pipes used a number of selling points. Advertisements of the No-Burst pipes told consumers that the pipes were:

  • Tested vigorously
  • Tough
  • Made with excellent materials
  • Reinforced
  • Had a high bursting strength

Experienced class-action lawsuit attorneys at Greg Coleman Law have filed a class-action lawsuit filed in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Pennsylvania against Fluidmaster Inc. Two attorneys at Greg Coleman Law are representing the plaintiffs in the case. Both founding attorney Greg Coleman and experienced litigator Lisa A. White are representing plaintiffs in the case called Hungerman, et al. v. Fluidmaster Inc.

The suit alleges that the pipes, contrary to the advertising language used by Fluidmaster, exploded on a regular basis because the pipes used defective materials and poorly designed. More specifically, the suit alleges that the company concealed the defects in the pipes.

Greg Coleman Law and co-counsel are requesting that Fluidmaster compensate homeowners for the cost of fixing, replacing the pipes as well as the cost of repairing all of the damage caused by bursting and leaking pipes. 

If you or someone you know has Fluidmaster No-Burst pipes in your home and have suffered damages as a result of burst or leaking pipe, call the attorneys at Greg Coleman Law at (865) 247-0080 to discuss how you can join the class.  

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