Preventing Fireworks Accidents and Injuries

fireworks accidents and injuriesMillions and millions of people watch fireworks displays every summer. Some people put on their own shows at home.

Every summer we read about fireworks injuries though. There are times when the injured person isn't at fault. It might be the organizer of an event, a fireworks company, the fireworks manufacturer or even a homeowner.

If you or someone you love has been injured while enjoying a fireworks display, you may be entitled to file a damages claim. Our experienced Knoxville personal injury attorneys can help you fight for the compensation you deserve.

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Fireworks Injuries

Less than five percent of all fireworks injures take place at organized events. The overwhelming majority of them occur privately from the use of consumer fireworks. The Consumer Product Safety Commission estimates that during the summer months, about 200 people per day are treated in emergency rooms for fireworks injuries, most of which occur within 30 days of June 16.

Fireworks injuries can range from burns to the loss of a hand to complete loss of vision. They can be due to unsafe handling, devices being set off too close to people or fireworks product defects like short fuses or overcharging.

Whether a spectator at an organized show or at somebody's home, if you're injured, you might be able to receive compensation for those injuries.

Our offices will provide you with a free case evaluation with a personal injury attorney. At the conclusion of that evaluation, we can tell you who might appear to be at fault for your accident. If a short fuse or overcharged device was involved, this may become a product liability claim.

If you were injured at an organized event or at somebody's home, the law of negligence and premises liability would most likely apply.

Our law firm focuses on the representation of people who were the victims of the negligence of others and sustained severe injuries in Knoxville, Tennessee. Your case evaluation is free with no out-of-pocket cost. It's in your best interests to get that evaluation.

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