Lumber Liquidators Facing Federal Criminal Charges

Lumber Liquidators Criminal ChargesThe fallout from the formaldehyde scandal continues for Lumber Liquidators.

As part of an ongoing investigation over imported products, the Department of Justice is now seeking criminal charges.

According to news reports, the charges follow a CBS 60 Minutes investigation that revealed the company was selling Chinese laminate flooring containing high levels of formaldehyde, a carcinogen.

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According to the report, Lumber Liquidators laminate from China contains high levels of formaldehyde. Some of the pieces tested reportedly contained six to seven times the level of formaldehyde legally allowed.  

Doctors have said long-term exposure to chemicals at those levels would increase the risk for chronic respiratory irritation and the risk of asthma, especially in children. Despite this claim, Lumber Liquidators insists its flooring is safe and meets regulations.

Experts say thousands of homes nationwide may be involved. To that point, when a dangerous drug or defective product gets taken to trial, they are often tried as a class action suit. A class action is loosely defined as a lawsuit that joins together a group of people or companies with common interests in a matter, who file their claims as one entity. For example, when a large number of consumers are exposed to a potentially dangerous or defective product, a class action lawsuit may be brought to seek compensation for all of those injured

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