How Can an Expert Witness Help My Personal Injury Claim?

logo for expert witnessesWhen a personal injury case is complex and difficult to prove, you and your lawyer may need to consider hiring an expert witness. Their technical knowledge and experience could be the key to building a strong case.

The Knoxville personal injury lawyers at Greg Coleman Law have a wealth of experience investigating complex cases and know when an expert witness may be necessary. We are prepared to handle every aspect of the legal process on your behalf, with the goal of recovering maximum compensation. You pay nothing up front to discuss your claim in a complimentary initial consultation.  

Defining an Expert Witness

An expert witness usually does not have any connection to the incident or the parties involved. Expert witnesses are trained to use their technical knowledge to help lawyers, jurors and judges get a better understanding of certain things about the case.

Under Tennessee law, an expert witness should have a professional background and “scientific, technical or other specialized knowledge” in a certain field of study (mental health, accident reconstruction, engineering, medicine, finance, vocational rehabilitation, etc.). For example, if the severity of your injury is in question, a medical expert can be brought in by your attorney to explain why your injury is so severe.

When Might it be Necessary to Hire an Expert Witness?

Using an expert witness is rarely required by the courts and your lawyer will advise you on whether hiring an expert witness may be necessary. However, in complex cases, an expert witness can further investigate and help jurors gain a better understanding of certain issues in the case. Sometimes the information the witness brings to light can be the difference in whether you receive compensation.   

Lawyers often consult with expert witnesses in cases involving:

  • Accidents involving more than two vehicles
  • Commercial vehicle crashes
  • Medical malpractice cases

For example, in a case involving a car crash, an accident reconstructionist may be able to calculate a vehicle's speed, location, momentum and stopping distance.

Medical experts may also benefit a claim by testifying about the severity of an injury and how it is connected to the accident. This can be especially helpful if the case is about establishing proof of:

  • The aggravation or worsening of a preexisting condition
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and other noneconomic damages
  • Soft tissue damages
  • Chronic pain injuries

In a case involving a commercial truck crash, an expert on commercial truck regulations may be able to testify on how these vehicles must be maintained and can interpret data from the on-board recording device present in many commercial trucks.

Ways an Expert Witness Can Help

There are various ways an expert witness can help strengthen your claim:

  • Providing clarity – An expert witness can provide insight to clear up confusion about aspects of a case, including how you were injured or the severity of your images.
  • Establishing negligence – An expert witness can explain how the at-fault party breached his or her duty of care.
  • Providing a neutral point of view – An expert witness’ testimony adds credibility to your claim because he or she is viewed as a neutral party who is expected to be unbiased and objective.  

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