Escalator Injury Information & Safety Tips from Greg Coleman Law

According to a report by America Now News, The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission projects that over 10,000 Americans are injured while riding an escalator each year.

Unfortunately, over 70% of these escalator injuries occur because of a slip or fall accident, and the majority of injuries occur in children!

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Dr. Alan Nager of the Children's Hospital Los Angeles calls escalators a significant threat that essentially goes unrecognized. One of the most dangerous parts of the escalator is the area where the moving stairway meets the sides of the escalator, where children's fingers and toes can easily get caught. Children wearing flip-flops, soft clogs or other types of sandals are at particular risk, with such footwear being susceptible to getting caught as a child is exiting the escalator. Common injuries include head trauma, broken bones, fall accidents and digit loss.

According to Dr. Nager, escalator injuries are on the rise; certified escalator inspector and engineer Richard Marquez says a number of injuries could be prevented if parents would read and enforce posted safety rules. Because of the lack of perceived danger surrounding escalators, many parents have a nonchalant attitude toward roughhousing on the moving staircases.

In order to prevent an escalator injury to yourself and your children, remember the following DOs and DON'Ts of escalator safety:

  • DO read posted safety rules
  • DO face forward and pay attention to those in front of you; ensure children do the same
  • DO use handrails; smaller children should also hold on to a parent's hand
  • DO stand clear of the escalator's sides; ensure children do the same
  • DO make sure children step over the threshold when exiting to prevent getting feet or shoes caught
  • DO use the emergency button to stop the escalator in case of emergency
  • DO keep loose clothing free of the escalator's sides
  • DO select closed-toed, hard-soled shoes when you expect to encounter an escalator
  • DO NOT allow children to sit down on the escalator
  • DO NOT allow children to climb or ride the handrail
  • DO NOT use a stroller on an escalator - you could fall or cause serious injury to your child
  • DO NOT allow children to play on or climb escalators in the incorrect direction
  • DO NOT allow children to jump from one step to another

Follow these simple safety guidelines to keep your family safe and avoid injuries.

For more tips on riding escalators with children, watch this short video: