Two Die in Chemical Fire Following Wrong-Way Car Crash

truck on fireEarly Wednesday morning, two people died in wrong-way car accident involving a commercial tractor trailer and an SUV. The tractor trailer burst into flames after a head-on collision with an SUV that was traveling the wrong way on I-40.

The tractor trailer was carrying a hazardous chemical called Benzoquinone. Due to environmental concerns, the chemical was permitted to burn and all I-40 lanes were closed until the collision was investigated and cleaned up. Officials are continuing to monitor the air to ensure that it is safe to breathe.

The driver of the SUV was only 21-years-old. In March, he was arrested for drug possession and driving under the influence.

The crash is still under investigation.

Wrong-Way Driving is Deadly

Wrong-way-driving accidents are notorious for causing severe injuries and deaths on highways and access ramps. In fact, last week's accident happened on a four-mile stretch of I-40 that has seen four other fatal wrong-way crashes since March 2013. It was also the 12th wrong-way accident to happen in Knoxville since 2012.

Every year in the United States, wrong way driving accidents end in an estimated 300 to 400 deaths or one percent of the total traffic related fatality figure.

While this number may seem small compared to the overall number of traffic deaths, wrong-way-driving typically ends in severe consequences consequences because these accident often occur at high speed.

Strategies for reducing wrong way driving may be implemented by local cities and statewide, including various geometric design elements and traditional traffic control devices.

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