Smartphone-like Dashboard Displays & Distracted Drivers

Tennessee distracted driving lawyerTechnology has become the way of the future for most automakers who are racing to incorporate more and more of it into their vehicles. Many argue the technology additions make cars safer, while critics argue the opposite.

One area that carmakers are predicting will gain special attention from buyers is oversized dashboard displays that function much like a smartphone. For automakers this new technology will boost revenue and attract buyers for whom this new technology is in great demand.

However, these displays are only lightly regulated and many feel the large screens could lead to more distractions while driving.

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Minimal Regulation

In the Audi A3, drivers can sync their phones with their car where they can check for mentions of themselves on Twitter, upload photos, and even read text messages.

Currently, there is not much regulation against dashboard displays. Many states forbid the airing of non-navigational video while the vehicle is in motion. Federal motor vehicle standards simply require that the brightness of the displays be adjustable.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration issued driver-distraction guidelines for dashboard displays which included the exclusion of photographs or video unrelated to driving and that drivers should not have to click more than six keys to complete a task. So far, these guidelines are only voluntary.

According to experts, anything that pulls your attention away from driving for even one or two seconds, can be dangerous. Regardless of whether that distraction is a device in your hand or a large screen on your dashboard, a distraction is a distraction, and these acts can greatly increase your risk for being involved in an accident.

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