Government Kicks Off Click It or Ticket Campaign

2016 click it or ticketDuring this year's Click It or Ticket campaign, Tennessee law enforcement officers will join the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) in a statewide and national crackdown on motorists who choose to forgo seatbelts.

The kick off began last week with the annual safety campaign imploring all vehicle occupants to buckle up every time they are in a vehicle, including backseat passengers.

The Click It or Ticket movement, which includes a paid marketing campaign, will run from May 16 to June 5 of this year and the enforcement time frame extends from May 23 through June 5.

Click It or Ticket Prevention

Auto accidents at any time of the year can be devastating. With younger drivers overrepresented in nationwide fatality rates, the need for every vehicle occupant to wear a seatbelt is a necessity. Prevention of auto deaths begins with buckling up and is an easy step in enforcing safety.

While seatbelt use nationally rose to 88.5 percent in 2014, the NHTSA revealed that nearly half of vehicle occupants who died in car accidents that same year were not wearing seatbelts. At night, 57 percent of passengers who did not buckle up became fatalities.

NHTSA data also indicated that males did not wear their seatbelts as much as females. Consequently, 53 percent of men who died in car accidents were not buckled up in comparison to 40 percent of women during 2014.

For occupants who refuse to wear seatbelts, police officers will be out in full force day and night cracking down on law breakers and writing tickets. The message is clear: Click It or Ticket.

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