Chrysler Recalls SUVs

On Oct. 14, Chrysler Group announced a voluntary recall of more than 180,000 SUVs due to a potential airbag defect.

Chrysler has found that the component that controls airbags in certain 2014 Dodge Durango and Jeep Grand Cherokee SUVs, may be disabled.

The company has found that the internal electrical systems can experience a series of short-circuits that may cause airbags and seat belts to fail.

The airbag issues that plagued companies such as General Motors and Toyota during the spring of 2014 have faded from memory. However, Chrysler, which seemingly escaped airbag-related recalls has identified new issues.

The airbag defects in earlier recalls by General Motors have been linked to ignition defects, Chrysler's airbag defect occurs when the electronic switches short circuit and disable the airbags as well as the other seatbelt restraint systems.

When the short circuit defect occurs, the airbag warning signals and the seat belt pre-tensioners can become disabled.

Although the company has announced that there are no car accidents or injuries related to the defect, the announcement of a recall often reveals a series of recall-related injuries.

Chrysler dealerships will replace the defective control module free of charge. The recall covers more than 126,000 vehicles sold in the United States. The rest of the cars are dispersed in Canada, Mexico and Europe.

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