Cholesterol Drug Niacin Poses New Risks

cholesterol drug niacin poses new risks

Two recent studies of the cholesterol drug Niacin reveal that the drug poses severe risks to patients. The drug is an over the counter version of the essential B vitamin. Brand name versions of the drug include AbbVie and Niaspan.

Niacin is often used by patients with cholesterol problems. Niacin is administered by itself or in conjunction with popular cholesterol medications such as Lipitor.

The primary problem that has been identified in the use of the drug includes increased risk for death in patients taking Niacin. Additionally, the studies suggest that the drug may not be adding any effectiveness to the drug regimen.

In other words, it is unclear whether the addition of Niacin to a cholesterol patients medical regimen actually contributes to the lowering of cholesterol. Despite these concerns, many doctors are waiting and reserving judgment until further data is collected.

Studies from 2011 already demonstrated that Niaspan-a generic version of the vitamin B Niacin, increased the risk of stroke in cholesterol patients.

On a different but related note, two of the leading branded Niacin producers are currently facing antitrust lawsuits in Pennsylvania. The suits are arguing that the two companies, AbbVie Inc. and Teva Pharmaceuticals Industries Ltd., colluded to keep cheap generic drugs off the market.

Whether the antitrust lawsuits succeed or not, the two companies may soon be facing class action lawsuits alleging that their drugs were both ineffective and increased the risk of death.

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