Car Crashes into South Knoxville Day Care Center

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On Monday evening, a car crashed into the front of a child care center in South Knoxville Tennessee. The owner of the Chapman Learning Center said that no one was in the child care center at the time. The owner actually witnessed the car crashing into the building.

Law enforcement official are still investigating the cause of the accident. They do not have any details on exactly why the car left the road only to crash into a residential area.

The vehicle initially slammed into a mailbox and then crashed into the building.

Fortunately, no injuries were reported. Police are still determining whether charges will be filed against the driver.  

The auto accident lawyers in the Knoxville office of Greg Coleman Law are relieved that no one was injured. Had the car struck the day care center during the day, the consequences might have been catastrophic. Day care accidents are much more common than one would think.

A Google search of day care accidents returns many results where cars have somehow made their way into day care centers across America.

In many of these instances, including a day care car crash in Florida, a child is fatally injured and others are seriously injured.

Drivers who are fleeing the police, are intoxicated, or simply driving recklessly, cause serious car crashes into day care centers.

A cautionary note for parents would be to select day care centers that are not located at intersections and that are not easily accessible by road.

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