CDC: Millions Drive Drunk Each Month

reducing DUI fatalitiesAccording to recent findings of the Center for Disease Control (CDC), driving while intoxicated has been the cause of up to a third of all United States car crash fatalities in the last two decades.

A successful DUI case may offer victims a sense of justice, but it certainly doesn't guarantee full financial compensation for the expenses and losses suffered by the victims. Many times, the victims must file a separate personal injury claim, through a DUI injury lawyer, against the insurers to receive reparation for the medical bills, lost wages and other incidentals.

Without legal counsel from a reputable law firm, such as Greg Coleman Law, you may never recover from the financial losses and serious injuries caused by a truck collision or motorcycle accident due to drunk driving. A skilled car accident lawyer can successfully protect your rights and pursue your rightful compensation.

Some people who face drunk driving accident charges defend themselves by saying that they were not at fault. Each state has a certain alcohol content limit for drivers. Therefore, you are considered drunk when you violate the limit for blood alcohol concentration (BAC) in your respective state. In Tennessee it is illegal to drive with a BAC limit of 0.08 or above.

What are the Penalties for Drunk Driving?

All DUI charges carry a potential jail term. First time DUI offenders may get lesser punishments such as fines, drivers license limitations and an obligation to attend drunk driving classes. In some instances, the offenders may be asked to fix ignition interlock devices in their vehicles.

Serious DUI Accident Injuries

In a drunk driving accident, the intoxicated driver may sustain less serious injuries than the occupants of the impacted vehicle.

Drunk driving injuries may involve:

Seek Legal Representation

If youre a DUI victim and need legal help getting compensation, it is important that you hire the services of a reliable law firm such as Greg Coleman Law. Our Knoxville injury attorneys strive to get our clients the best results possible.

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