Social Security Disability Benefits

Held every year in October, National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM) helps to raise awareness regarding the challenges that individuals with disabilities face in employment. This year’s theme is “America’s Workforce: Empowering All.” The…

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If you are disabled and unable to work, you may qualify for Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits. These benefits provide financial assistance and support to take care of your basic needs. However, if your SSD claim is denied, you will have to submit…

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Requirements for Social Security Disability Benefits

Posted on behalf of Greg Coleman Law on May 02, 2017 in Social Security Disability Benefits

The Social Security Administration (SSA) provides monthly financial benefits to disabled individuals who are unable to work or earn a sufficient income due to a disabling condition. There are two types of benefits offered: Social Security Disability…

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Common Conditions that Qualify for SSDI

Posted on behalf of Greg Coleman Law on Dec 21, 2016 in Social Security Disability Benefits

Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) is a federal program that provides benefits to those who are no longer able to work due to a disability. Although the benefits can be extremely helpful, you must pass a selective application process before qualifying…

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Social Security Disability Claim Denied?

Posted on behalf of Greg Coleman Law on Sep 10, 2015 in Social Security Disability Benefits

You may feel discouraged after being denied Social Security Disability benefits. However, do not give up yet. You have the right to appeal a denial from the Social Security Administration (SSA). However, you should strongly consider hiring a disability…

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