Auto Accident

How Negligence Per Se Applies in a Tennessee Car Crash

Posted on behalf of Greg Coleman Law on Feb 28, 2020 in Auto Accident

To recover compensation for injuries you sustained in a car accident, you must be able to prove that the other driver's negligent actions caused the crash that led to your injuries. In an incident involving negligence per se, establishing fault may be…

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Fault for Crashes with Drivers Who Failed to Use Lights or Turn Signals

Posted on behalf of Greg Coleman Law on Feb 14, 2020 in Auto Accident

A Tennessee motorist owes other drivers on the roadway a duty to act reasonably in order to prevent harm. This duty includes turning on headlights according to state law and using turn signals at appropriate times. When a driver’s failure to use headlights…

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How Do I Pay Medical Bills After a Tennessee Car Crash?

Posted on behalf of Greg Coleman Law on Feb 03, 2020 in Auto Accident

Tennessee is an at-fault-state in the event of an auto accident, which means you may only recover damages if you can prove the other party caused your collision. Since personal injury protection (PIP) coverage is not available in the state, how do you…

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Who May Be Liable for an Accident Caused by Black Ice?

Posted on behalf of Greg Coleman Law on Jan 31, 2020 in Auto Accident

According to the Federal Highway Administration, there are more than a million accidents caused by inclement weather every year. Many of these happen during the winter due to black ice, a dangerous road condition that is difficult to see. However, even…

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What Tennessee’s Hands-Free Driving Law Means for You

Posted on behalf of Greg Coleman Law on Jan 22, 2020 in Auto Accident

According to a recent study, Tennessee is the worst state in the country for crashes caused by distracted driving. It is also the 19th state to ban motorists from holding a mobile phone or other freestanding electronic device while operating a vehicle.…

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If you were injured in a car accident, you may feel anxious to collect your settlement so you can pay off some of the bills that have been piling up since you were injured. However, there are many good reasons for not accepting any settlement offers until…

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Does Car Insurance Cover Damage from Accidents Involving Wildlife?

Posted on behalf of Greg Coleman Law on Dec 04, 2019 in Auto Accident

Hitting a deer or other animal with your car can cause serious injuries and damage to your vehicle. Depending on your auto insurance coverage, you may be able to file a damage claim with your car insurance company. Below, the Knoxville car accident lawyers…

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Pursuing Compensation After Crash With Uninsured Driver

Posted on behalf of Greg Coleman Law on Nov 05, 2019 in Auto Accident

Even though Tennessee drivers are legally required to maintain a minimum amount of liability car insurance, people still choose to drive without it. In fact, according to a 2015 study by the Insurance Research Council (IRC), as many as one in eight drivers…

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Who Is Liable in a Tennessee Work Zone Merging Accident?

Posted on behalf of Greg Coleman Law on Oct 28, 2019 in Auto Accident

Merging accidents are unnecessary and often cause serious injury. In a work zone, they can often be fatal. Tennessee implemented a new law to help reduce work zone merge accidents. Understanding how the law works and obeying it can help you to avoid being…

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Can a Bar or Nightclub be Held Liable in a Drunk Driving Crash?

Posted on behalf of Greg Coleman Law on Oct 07, 2019 in Auto Accident

Drunk drivers can be financially liable for the damages they cause in a car accident, but what about the bar or social host that served them alcohol? Under Tennessee’s Dram Shop Law, a drunk driving victim may sometimes be able to bring a claim against…

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