Can New Speeding Technologies Reduce Your Insurance Bill?

Speeding is common and rampant in the United States. In fact, speeding is acceptable within the driving culture in the U.S. and is not viewed as an instance of rule breaking, reports the NHTSA. According to a May 2014 report by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there may be ways to reduce speeding by altering driver behavior. Insurance companies routinely monetarily reward drivers who take safety precautions. It is possible that NHTSA backed technologies-when properly installed in the car- can reduce insurance bills. 

The NHTSA study sought to reduce speeding and thereby reduce the car accidents and fatalities caused by reckless driving behavior. The study entitled Investigation of the Use and Feasibility of Speed Warning Systems enrolled at-risk drivers- those who speed often- in a voluntary trial and installed electronic monitoring devices in their vehicles. The NHTSA chose to install tiwiPro in the cars enrolled in the study.

The tiwiPro technology was selected because it provided drivers with verbal feedback addressing the drivers speed, instances of aggressive driving and the lack of a seatbelt. The company that produces tiwiPro states that the device can significantly curb poor driving behavior and thereby reduce car accidents.

The NHTSA recruited drivers with three speeding tickets over a three year period to install the devices in their vehicles. During a 4- 8 week monitoring period, the NHTSA found that the verbal alerts provided by tiwiPro statistically reduced the incidence of speeding and altered driver behavior in the short term.

The study found that the verbal alerts from the tiwiPro technology worked to decrease the amount by which drivers would exceed the speed limit as well as the incidences of speeding. Even after the study, continued monitoring revealed that drivers who continued to speed did so at speeds lower than before their participation in the study.

Because the tiwiPro keeps track of driving and speeding behavior, in the future, drivers may be able to use logs from this technology to demonstrate good driving habits and reduce their insurance bill. tiwiPro is also available to parents who wish to monitor their teenager's driving behavior. For more information on tiwiPro and how it can help reduce driver speeding, consult the company's website. 

The study optimistically concluded that with a larger sample size and a greater timeframe, speeding alert technologies, such as tiwiPro could successfully reduce speeding behavior in the population.

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