Bad Habits and Lack of Knowledge Cause Higher Fatalities in Teen Drivers

young teen driverFatal car accidents involving teen drivers have risen for the first time in almost a decade. Previous studies have shown that teen drivers are at a higher risk of being involved in a fatal car accident than other drivers.

The leading cause of death among teenagers are motor vehicle accidents. Driving instructors interviewed by AAA in a recent survey stated that the three leading causes of these accidents are speeding, distractions and lack of awareness.  

The rise in fatalities among teen drivers was also found to be attributed to their lack of knowledge and preparation before they begin driving on their own. The study shows that within the last decade, communication between parents and children about the importance of safety while driving has decreased. This lack of education on the parents’ part has caused teens to develop bad habits and risky behavior while driving.     

Parents are encouraged to dedicate more time toward educating their children about the dangers that speeding and driver distraction can cause. The organization suggests that parents closely supervise their teen during the probationary learner’s permit phase and set a good example by not engaging in these dangerous habits themselves.

Another study conducted by AAA linked 2,200 dashboard video cameras to teenagers’ cars to analyze the moments before a crash. The footage showed that 60 percent of these crashes were caused by distractions. The leading cause of distraction for teenaged drivers was from a passenger in the vehicle. Texting or using a cellphone accounted for 12 percent of crashes, while looking for a lost item in the vehicle amounted for 11 percent.

This distracting behavior becomes even more dangerous when combined with speeding. Half of teen and adult drivers admit to driving 15 miles per hour or more over the speed limit. This sets a precedent for teens who observe their parents and other adults on the road as an example of how they should act. 

While adult drivers are less likely to have an incident due to their age and experience, teenagers have not yet become familiar enough with operating a vehicle to engage in this behavior.

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