Are Parents Distracting their Teen Drivers?

teen driver textingTeen drivers are reportedly more likely to be involved in a motor vehicle accident than drivers who have years of experience behind the wheel. Recent statistics point to the use of mobile phones as one of the main causes of teen driver accidents.

However, new research is pointing the finger at someone else, their parents. Research presented at the American Psychological Associations annual convention suggests that parents are part of the reason teens are on their phones while driving.

A recent study study questioned why teens talk or text while driving even though they know its dangerous to do so. The study included interviews or a survey with drivers from 31 states between the ages of 15 and 18. More than half of the 400 participants reported being on the phone with their mom or dad.

According to the teens interviewed, parents expected them to answer their phone if they called. In some cases, the parent would continue to call until the teen answered. Additionally, many of the teens revealed that they saw their parents use the phone while driving.

However, parents cant take all the blame. About 46 percent of the teens admitted that they talked to friends on the phone and that when they texted they were more likely to be talking to a friend than their parent.

Another study presented at the convention focused on college-aged drivers. Similarly, drivers reported that they texted and talked on the phone while behind the wheel. However, participants did note that they were often stopped at an intersection when texting or talking on the phone.

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