9 Pieces of Essential Motorcycle Safety Equipment

If youre revving and ready to ride a shiny new motorcycle, one of your first steps is getting a motorcycle endorsement on your license and possibly even taking a safety course. Once thats done, its time to ride right? Wrong.

Having more than just a motorcycle helmet to keep you safe while youre riding can mean the difference between several broken bones and just a few scrapes. The more protected a rider is with proper motorcycle equipment, the less impact a motorcycle accident could cause.

Some essential motorcycle riding gear includes:

Knee and Elbow Guards: Although typically thought of to be used by motorbike racers, knee pads and elbow guards may still be used by off-road motorcycle riders to protect themselves from environmental elements.

Chest Armor: A chest guard is similar to knee and elbow guards but can be slipped beneath a regular shirt or purchased as a vest that can help protect both the front and back of the body.

Safety Vest: Using a reflective, brightly colored vest especially at night or during bad weather conditions can help other drivers identify you much more easily.

Riding Boots: Although there are a variety of boots for a variety of environments most riders cant go wrong with dark, leather (or faux-leather) boots; if the boots use laces it is recommended to tuck them as they could become un-laced and then caught while riding.

Pants: Long pants and jeans will typically protect riders who are not driving far, but those driving long distances may wish to protect themselves by buying specialty pants or chaps. These specialty pants could prevent road rash during a collision.

Goggles: Unless equipped with a windscreen, Tennessee motorcycle riders must wear eye protection. Wearing goggles or good sunglasses can help keep a riders eyes protected from dirt, sun glare, and other objects.

Gloves: Non-slip gloves can help protect a riders hands particularly when they brace for a fall during a motorcycle accident.

Jacket: Protecting riders from bad weather conditions, jackets can sometimes be essential even on days when it seems like no rain is in sight. Tough material can also help prevent road rash.

Helmet: By law all riders in Tennessee must wear a helmet while on a motorcycle. A helmet is the most essential motorcycle safety gear a rider can use to protect themselves from life-threatening head injuries in case of an accident.

Some drivers may also wish to use earplugs to protect their hearing, however, this could be problematic as some riders may then be unable to hear important sirens or horns. It may be best to choose a helmet that might also dull down the sound of your motorcycles roaring engine rather than wear earplugs while riding. If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident and you're looking for a Knoxville personal injury lawyer, contact Greg Coleman Law today.

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