$9 Million Verdict in DUI Lawsuit

Last week, a Tennessee jury awarded Jessica Volz $9.25 million in a drunk driving lawsuit. The jury awarded the money to Volz in a civil lawsuit against Ken Davis; she was awarded $350,000 in past damages, $150,000 in future damages and $8.75 million in punitive damages.  The verdict might be the largest in Tennessee history for a drunk driving lawsuit. 

In 2008, Davis drank a half of bottle of Southern Comfort in a 30 minute time period and then got behind the wheel.  Davis passed out while driving and then drifted into oncoming traffic, hitting Volz's car head on.

The accident was Davis's third DUI.  In 2009, he was sentenced to 4 years in prison for vehicular assault.

According to the Chattanooga Times Free Press, Volz still has foot problems after having multiple surgeries and years of physical therapy.

Volz doubts that she will ever receive a penny from the lawsuit, but she hopes that the verdict will deter others from drinking and driving.

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