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5 Halloween Safety Tips

Posted on behalf of Greg Coleman Law on Oct 27, 2014 in General

At Greg Coleman Law, we have been thinking about ways to keep our kids and pets safe this Halloween. We have come up with a list of 5 essential Halloween safety tips that every parent can use.

1)     Visibility

Can anyone see your kids? Can your kids see where they are going? When choosing a costume it is important that parents think about visibility.

Halloween events are night time events and making sure that your children carry a flashlight, are wearing masks that fit and that their costumes have reflective gear can help kids avoid injuries. If cars can see your kids and your kids can see where they are going they are more likely to stay safe. Ensuring that pedestrians both big and small are safe is a collective responsibility. 

2)      Halloween Decorations

While kids will be excited about helping with Halloween decorations, it is important that kids have limited access to the sharp objects used to carve pumpkins or the ladders used to put up scarecrows.

3)      Candy

While your children will be excited by their mountains of candy, they should wait to eat any candy until you have had a chance to inspect the candy.

Instruct children to wait to eat candy until they get the all clear from you.

Give kids a little bag of candy to carry with them that you purchased so that they have something to snack on while they complete their trick-or-treating activities.

4)      Halloween Costumes

Parents are encouraged to use face paint rather than face masks so that kids can see easily as they roam around neighborhoods.

Parents should also make sure that costumes fit very well and that kids can easily maneuver in them.

5)      Pets

In addition to keeping your children safe, the attorneys at Greg Coleman Law recommend coming up with a plan to make sure that your family pets dont get lost or injured on Halloween night.

With all of the commotion associated with trick-or-treaters pets can easily escape outside. Make sure that all of your pets have ID tags with current information. Additionally, children are not the only ones who will consume more candy than is good for them.

Keep candy and Halloween decorations such as straw, corn and pumpkins away from pets so that they do not suffer an upset stomach.

Happy Halloween

By following the safety tips outlined in this blog and going over the ground rules with your family, everyone can have a safe and fun Halloween night.

From the Knoxville personal injury attorneys and support staff at Greg Coleman Law, we wish you, your kids, and pets a happy and safe Halloween night!


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