10 Worst Places to File a Lawsuit

A study conducted by the United States Chamber Institute for Legal Reform explored how fair and reasonable states tort liability system were perceived by U.S Businesses. Respondents were asked to give states a grade, from A to F, in the following areas:

  • Overall treatment of tort and contract litigation
  • Having/enforcing meaningful venue requirements
  • Treatment of class action and mass tort lawsuits
  • Timeliness of summary judgment or dismissal
  • Judges impartiality and competence
  • Jury fairness

just to name a few. They were also asked to give the state an overall grade on how well they created a fair and reasonable litigation environment.

The following is a list of the worst states in file a lawsuit in:

Florida Miami/Dade County was specifically singled out for having one of the least fair and reasonable litigation environments scoring a 6%. Unfortunately South Florida overall was thought to have some of the worst courts.

Oklahoma The state ranked #43 in several categories although in terms of timeliness of judgment or dismissal it did reach all the way to number #31.

Alabama Alabama's overall score was 52.8, an increase since years past. Specifically, Birmingham had the worst courts in the state. Alabama was considered one of the worst for having and enforcing venue requirements, damages awarded, and treatment of class action and mass tort suits.

New Mexico - The state scored in the 40s in most every single category. Although the state is the 7th worst to file a lawsuit in, their scores have actually increased since 2008.

Montana Another state with an increased score that still seems to be awful for file a lawsuit in is Montana. The state is actually considered the absolute worst when it comes to discovery and scored very poorly in scientific and technical evidence, and judge impartiality and competence.

Illinois Why so low on the list? The state had two of the worst jurisdictions, Chicago/Cook County and Madison County; East St. Louis and St. Clair had the worst courts.

California In the top five for worst overall treatment of tort and contract litigation, damages, timeliness of judgment or dismissal, and treatment of class action and mass tort lawsuits.

Mississippi The states score fell this year by close to two points. Respondents specifically thought that courts in Jackson were some of the worst and that the state was one of four out of five categories.

Louisiana Although Louisiana's score had increase since 2002, the state took a plunge receiving a 46.5 in 2012. New Orleans specifically scored low with having the least fair and reasonable litigation environment. Overall the state also had the worst ranking in regards to timeliness of summary judgment or dismissal.

West Virginia Since 2002 West Virginia has been getting worse, however, between 2010 and 2012 their score dropped by more than five points. The state ranked low in most every category and specifically the beautiful city of Charleston was called out for having some of the worst courts.

Overall Tennessee fared well in each category and scored a passable 63.7 score. It is important to note though that in 2010 the state had a score of 19 meaning that things in the Volunteer state are getting better, at least for lawsuits.

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