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Why Drug Abuse is a Growing Crash Risk Factor for Truck Drivers

Posted on behalf of Greg Coleman Law on Jul 27, 2021 in Truck Accident

Truck drivers face grueling challenges on the job, from long hours on the road to dealing with the daily pressure of meeting tight deadlines. For many big-rig operators, this has led to a growing problem of self-medicating with various drugs just to get…

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Why Are Crush Injuries From Traffic Accidents So Dangerous?

Posted on behalf of Greg Coleman Law on Jul 22, 2021 in Auto Accident

A crush injury is a serious and potentially life-threatening injury that happens when extreme force is placed on one or more extremities or the entire body. There are many accidents that could cause this type of injury, but it often happens in car crashes. Greg…

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Can I Recover Compensation for a Single-Vehicle Crash?

Posted on behalf of Greg Coleman Law on Jul 13, 2021 in Auto Accident

Most car accidents involve at least two vehicles, which may help to make it clearer when determining liability. However, if a crash only involves one vehicle, can you still recover compensation for your injuries and other losses? Learn more about single-vehicle…

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Am I Covered by Workers’ Comp if My Injury Was Self-Inflicted?

Posted on behalf of Greg Coleman Law on Jul 09, 2021 in Workers' Compensation

Tennessee employees who suffer job-related injuries are typically eligible to receive benefits and compensation for their medical costs, lost wages and more. But will employees still be eligible for benefits if their injuries were caused by their own…

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Can a Personal Injury Case Be Reopened After Settlement?

Posted on behalf of Greg Coleman Law on Jul 01, 2021 in Personal Injury

After agreeing to a settlement, it is unlikely that victims can reopen a personal injury claim to seek additional compensation. In most cases, once an agreement is finalized, the at-fault party is released from any additional liability for your injuries.…

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Who May Be Liable for a Crash When a Driver Runs a Red Light?

Posted on behalf of Greg Coleman Law on Jun 30, 2021 in Auto Accident

Red light crashes are one of the most easily preventable types of traffic accidents - and also one of the most common causes for a collision in an intersection. Typically the driver running the red light is considered the party responsible for this type…

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Why Collision Avoidance Systems Do Not Replace Driver Duty of Care

Posted on behalf of Greg Coleman Law on Jun 24, 2021 in Auto Accident

The growing number of high-tech safety features in today’s vehicles are intended to reduce the number of crashes that happen each year. However, are there limitations to this technology? Greg Coleman Law looks at the growing number of driver assistance…

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What if My Workers’ Comp Refuses to Pay for Treatment I Need?

Posted on behalf of Greg Coleman Law on Jun 11, 2021 in Workers' Compensation

After your workers’ compensation claim has been approved, all of your required medical care should be paid for in full by your employer's insurance carrier. However, what if the insurance company comes back and denies payment for some or all of the treatment…

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Driving Errors That Increase Your Risk for a Serious Crash

Posted on behalf of Greg Coleman Law on May 31, 2021 in Auto Accident

Car crashes are a leading cause of death in the U.S. Sadly, most of these collisions are caused by driver error and could have been prevented. Learn more about these common acts of negligence, including how to help prevent being involved in a car crash…

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Most employees in Tennessee may be familiar with workers’ compensation claims and the benefits, such as medical care and lost wages, they can expect following a job-related injury. Fewer people, however, may know about workers' compensation settlements…

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