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Pursuing Compensation After Crash With Uninsured Driver

Posted on behalf of Greg Coleman Law on Nov 05, 2019 in Auto Accident

Even though Tennessee drivers are legally required to maintain a minimum amount of liability car insurance, people still choose to drive without it. In fact, according to a 2015 study by the Insurance Research Council (IRC), as many as one in eight drivers…

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Who Is Liable in a Tennessee Work Zone Merging Accident?

Posted on behalf of Greg Coleman Law on Oct 28, 2019 in Auto Accident

Merging accidents are unnecessary and often cause serious injury. In a work zone, they can often be fatal. Tennessee implemented a new law to help reduce work zone merge accidents. Understanding how the law works and obeying it can help you to avoid being…

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Can a Bar or Nightclub be Held Liable in a Drunk Driving Crash?

Posted on behalf of Greg Coleman Law on Oct 07, 2019 in Auto Accident

Drunk drivers can be financially liable for the damages they cause in a car accident, but what about the bar or social host that served them alcohol? Under Tennessee’s Dram Shop Law, a drunk driving victim may sometimes be able to bring a claim against…

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Reasons Why a Tennessee Workers’ Comp Claim May Be Denied

Posted on behalf of Greg Coleman Law on Sep 19, 2019 in Workers' Compensation

Valid workers’ compensation claims sometimes get denied for simple problems. It is important that you meet the strict requirements for filing if you want to start receiving your benefits sooner and without the hassle of trying to appeal. This article…

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Car Accident Compensation if You Did Not Wear a Seat Belt

Posted on behalf of Greg Coleman Law on Sep 05, 2019 in Auto Accident

Tennessee, like nearly every other state, has a law that requires drivers and front-seat passengers to be buckled into a seatbelt any time the vehicle is moving. This is why, if you were injured in an accident and you were not wearing your seatbelt,…

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Misleading Things Insurance Companies May Tell You After an Accident

Posted on behalf of Greg Coleman Law on Aug 21, 2019 in Personal Injury

As a business, it is not in the insurance company’s best interest to provide fair compensation to anyone who has been injured in a car accident. Their first loyalty is to their bottom line, and that is why many car insurance companies try to find legal…

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Determining the Value of a Catastrophic Injury Claim

Posted on behalf of Greg Coleman Law on Aug 05, 2019 in Personal Injury

People who suffer catastrophic injuries often face large medical bills, the loss of income and a future of uncertainty. Unfortunately, Tennessee puts limits on the amount of compensation that may be available to catastrophic injury victims in a personal…

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Handling Child Distractions on Your Summer Road Trip

Posted on behalf of Greg Coleman Law on Jul 22, 2019 in Auto Accident

Better child safety on the road takes planning. From safe seating to handling common child issues like screaming, bickering and fighting, it is important that parents know about the safest way to handle these distractions. Motor vehicle injuries are…

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Is the Driver Always at Fault in a Pedestrian Versus Auto Accident?

Posted on behalf of Greg Coleman Law on Jul 03, 2019 in Auto Accident

When a pedestrian is struck by a vehicle, people usually assume the driver is the at-fault party. While this is often true because the driver was distracted or impaired by drugs or alcohol, there are times when a pedestrian either shares fault or may…

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Liability in a Chain Reaction Car Accident

Posted on behalf of Greg Coleman Law on Jun 21, 2019 in Auto Accident

Finding out who is to blame in car accidents is not always clear, especially when multiple vehicles are involved. Below, we discuss the factors of multi-vehicle accidents and how liability is determined in these situations. If a chain reaction collision…

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