Blind Spot Collision Injury Lawyers

Blind Spot Collision

Nobody wants to get into an auto accident. Every day, drivers across the country do their best to exercise caution when navigating roads and highways. However, blind spots can catch even the most vigilant motorists off guard. Most modes of transportation have at least one blind spot, with the exception of motorcycles, bicycles and horses. Even aircraft have blind spots. Drivers must exercise caution to avoid a blind spot collision.

Blind spot is a term for an area of a vehicle that cannot be seen directly while a driver is correctly positioned at the wheel. Most often, the obstruction in a motor vehicle results from the vertical pillars connected to the automobiles windows, but also frequently results from incorrectly positioned mirrors or cargo that reduces visibility.

Unfortunately, over 170,000 auto accidents occur each year on Tennessee roads, causing nearly 50,000 injuries, according to data published by the Tennessee Department of Safety (TNDOS). The most common cause of an accident involving a blind spot occurs when a driver changes lanes without adequately investigating the vehicles surroundings.

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Accidents & Injuries Caused by Blind Spots

Many accidents involving blind spots result from a drivers neglect in checking for another vehicle or pedestrian. There are different types of accidents and injuries that can result from inadequate surveillance of blind spots. Reduced visibility in intersections, roundabouts and multi-lane roads only improves the likelihood of a blind spot collision. Drivers should exercise caution and take extra precautions in such situations.

Common types of accidents that result from unchecked blind spots include:

The severity of resulting accidents is unpredictable, due to the various ways a blind spot can cause an incident. Accidents involving 18-wheelers are often severe due to the sheer volume of the vehicles; drivers in passenger cars should be extra mindful of maneuvering around trucks, as they have multiple blind spots. Truck drivers may not be able to see behind their trailer, directly in front of their engine, or along the sides of the vehicle, similarly to passenger cars. The general courtesy for driving near trucks, often seen on truck bumper stickers, is if you cant see my mirrors, I cant see you.

Injuries Caused by Blind Spot Neglect

Especially when traveling at high speeds, an accident caused by blind spot neglect can cause severe injuries, especially in cases of rollovers. It takes only a moment for a driver to misjudge their surroundings and cause an injury-causing accident. Some examples of possible trauma include:

While in some cases a collision may be unavoidable, there are techniques you can use to reduce your chances of causing such an accident. It is wise to always practice defensive driving techniques and thoroughly check all blind spots before proceeding in an area where visibility is limited.

How to Eliminate Blind Spots & Prevent Blind Spot Collision

Taking steps to eliminate your blind spots and practicing extra care in navigating the road can help you avoid a devastating crash. You can keep yourself and your passengers safe by following these guidelines:

  • Adjust your mirrors properly
    • Your interior rear-view mirror should frame your rear window
    • Before driving, sit in the proper position in the drivers seat and lean your head toward the drivers side window; adjust your left mirror to eliminate the reflection of your car as much as possible
    • Before driving, sit in the proper position in the drivers seat and lean your head toward the center of the vehicle; adjust your right mirror to eliminate the reflection of your car as much as possible
  • Add blind spot mirrors (small circular mirrors) to your existing mirrors, or replace the existing mirrors with convex versions, which provide better visibility
  • Slow down when merging or changing lanes to allow yourself enough time to properly inspect your blind spots
  • Manually inspect your blind spots by adjusting your position in the drivers seat, prior to maneuvering

These safety techniques can greatly reduce the area of your blind spots. Unfortunately, most passenger cars (aside from convertibles) will always have a blind spot area due to the frame of the vehicle. Some newer car models also include technology that can alert a driver when they are nearing another lane or vehicle.

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