Armored Truck Accidents

Armored Truck Accidents

Armored truckA statistic provided by the Tennessee Department of Safety demonstrates that 691 heavy and medium truck crashes occurred throughout the county in 2008, while a few of these may have been attributed to armored truck accidents.

Armored trucks are typically used to transport valuable items like large sums of money and jewelry, or used by the military. These trucks are designed to be completely bullet proof and are able to withstand extreme temperatures. In most cases, the operators of these vehicles will be armed with weapons to protect its contents.

If you or a family member has been injured in an armored truck accident by the negligent actions of another driver, our truck accident attorneys in Knoxville believe the victims of the accidents may be eligible to receive compensation for their losses and damages.

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Armored Vehicle Information

The original thought of an armored vehicle date back to sketches done by Leonardo De Vinci capturing a 1485 armored war vehicle.  In time, there would be several innovations in armored vehicles, which would lead to the full proof armored vehicles we can find on our roadways today.

These armored vehicles are commonly used by industrial businesses including; financial, educational, and jewelers. Additionally, these armored vehicles are most commonly used by military personnel to protect them from bullets and other explosive devices.

Most armored vehicles will include two or three occupants, while the driver is never allowed to leave the vehicle during its operation. There will be either one or two guards who will deliver the items and may be armed with handguns or shotguns, which are determined by each jurisdiction.  These guards are also required to wear bullet-proof vests for their own safety.

Causes of Armored Truck Accidents

In most cases, armored truck drivers are required to be properly trained to operate these vehicles, thus most accidents are caused by negligent drivers of passenger vehicles, never the less these accidents will typically involve many individuals and entities when they do occur. Of course, there have been some common causes of truck accidents that have proven to remain consistent over the years.

Some common causes of armored truck accidents include:

In any case, by maintaining full attention while driving, abiding by all traffic laws, and practicing defensive driving habits, we are able to avoid such accidents. 

Armored Truck Accident Injuries

As trucks possess the ability to weigh up to 80,000 pounds, whereas the average passenger vehicle weights around 3,000 pounds, accidents typically result in extreme injuries.  These injuries can also be more severe when higher speeds are traveled and where the accident occurs on the vehicles.

Some common armored truck accident injuries may include:

If you have been injured in an accident with a truck, it is highly imperative to seek medical attention immediately. This will not only assure all of your injuries are taken care of and avoid further injuries, but the medical documents obtained can be used by our lawyers to formulate a strong case against the negligent individuals or entities.

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