Hit By An Ambulance?

Hit By An Ambulance?

paramedics and an ambulanceEmergency vehicles are dispatched in times of dire need, but unfortunately ambulance accidents are becoming a matter of growing concern for vehicles that share the roadways with ambulances. Their imposing size and boxy shape make them prime candidates for roll-over wrecks, or the root of oncoming traffic accidents.

A report published by the Fire Protection Research Foundation in 2012 found that there were over 28,000 injuries from ambulance accidents from 1990 to 2009, and within the same period almost 600 fatalities. The numbers suggest that the very nature of driving an ambulance sometimes through intersections at high speeds carries danger for the drivers it shares the road with.

Although emergency services are sent to help victims of other unfortunate circumstances, ambulance drivers are not without fault when their vehicles are involved in accidents. There are a significant number of injuries created by ambulance driver negligence or inexperience, and the victims of those situations deserve justice.

The legal team at Greg Coleman Law believes that the victims of ambulance accidents have a right for fair and competent representation in court, and if you or a loved one were the victim of such a crash you may be eligible for compensation. Damages awarded to injured victims can help restore peace in a chaotic time when medical expenses are high and wages are lost due to time away from work spent recovering.

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Injuries From Ambulance Accidents

Ambulance drivers very often must pass through an intersection when traffic is moving, however, it is the ambulance drivers responsibility to proceed with caution and lights and sirens should be utilized to bring as much attention to the emergency vehicle as possible.

Simply because the ambulance should be given the right of way does not give it the authority to railroad any oncoming vehicles or force them into a dangerous intersection, which is often times the case. Traffic signals are very frequently disobeyed and vehicles outside of earshot of the sirens will have no warning that an ambulance is speeding through the intersection they are about to approach.

Some of the most common forms of injuries associated with ambulance accidents include:

Injuries from ambulance accidents can be deadly because ambulance drivers have very little control over the lateral motion of their vehicle. If the truck topples it is likely going to crush any vehicle underneath it, which will bring serious injury or death to those inside.

Pedestrians and bicyclists, too, are extremely vulnerable to ambulance accident trauma, as they have even less protection that a motor vehicle can provide its occupants. The negligent parties should be held responsible for the injuries you sustained during an ambulance accident, and you should not have to silently suffer the burden of mounting medical expenses and lost wages.

The hospital bills associated with a crash can be difficult to manage, and that will affect not only the victim but their families as well. The victims inability to work because of their injuries will equate to thousands of dollars lost.

Reach out to a skilled litigator following an ambulance accident Greg Coleman Law will help fight for the MAXIMUM amount of compensation available to you and ensure that justice is done for you and your loved ones.

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