AK Steel Settlement

AK Steel Settlement

In 2011, Greg Coleman was a part of a team of attorneys who won a $178.6 million class action settlement for retirees of AK Steels Butler Works Plant in western Pennsylvania.

This settlement resolved claims brought about by both hourly and salaried retirees of the Butler plant whose retirement medical benefits had been reduced without their consent.  In 2006, AK Steel negotiated with the United Auto Workers at Butler Works to reduce the retirees benefits.  However, none of the retirees were allowed to vote on this agreement and had no seats at the bargaining table.

About 3,000 retired workers and their spouses were involved in this class action lawsuit.  They believed that reducing their benefits violated the collective bargaining agreements that had promised them medical benefits during retirement, and the court agreed.  They found that AK Steel was not entitled to terminate or modify the benefits of retired workers and their dependents.

The settlement set up a $91 million trust fund to assist with future medical needs of the retired workers, as well as continued benefits to be paid to class members worth an additional $87.6 million.

The Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) regulates employee benefit plans, including health benefits for retirees like in the AK Steel case. The ERISA attorneys at Greg Coleman Law are well-versed in these types of claims and are available to help you navigate the system and receive the benefits that you deserve.

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