Advanced Driver Classes ’ TN

Advanced Driver Classes TN

It is estimated by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that human performance and behavior factors contribute to more than 90 percent of all motor vehicle collisions in the United States.  Here in Knoxville, Tennessee, it is becoming increasingly important to remain alert and confident while operating your motor vehicle.  Taking Tennessee advanced driver classes is a great way to refresh yourself in the terms of driving practices.

After your initial drivers training courses most of us take around the age of 16, there are sure to be a number of different tips and skills that may have disappeared over the years.  These advanced driver courses offer us a chance to refine our skills and address different issues that could affect general driving habits.  Training programs are meant to prepare drivers for different types of driving situations and give students the tools and skills to reduce accidents and increase safety. If you or a loved one has been involved in a motorized vehicle accident, complete the FREE case review form on this page.

Knoxville Tennessee Advanced Driver Courses

In the state of Tennessee, every county is responsible for administering traffic school within their region, so making the decision on which advanced driver class is right for you could be a big decision.  Drivers should seek a location that is convenient and that offers classes that would be of their best interest.  The following list includes some of Knoxville, Tennessees most popular advanced driver courses:

Company City Location Primary Contact Phone
All American Driver Improvement Bolivar (731) 668-9945
Middle Tennessee Driving Academy Brentwood (615) 494-5194
Dale Jarrett Racing Adventure Bristol (888) 467-2231
Richard Petty Driving Experience Bristol (800) 237-3889
Driver Safety School Upper Cumberland Chattanooga (877) 662-5939
TN Regional Safety Council Cleveland (615) 329-3271
Anderson County Driving School Clinton (865) 463-8038
Life Foundations Johnson City (423) 578-2500
A+ Defensive Driving School Knoxville (865) 335-5286
AAA East Tennessee Knoxville (865) 637-1910
Knoxville Police Department Knoxville (865) 215-7349
Defensive Driving Courses, Inc. Knoxville (865) 577-2523
Nashville Superspeedway Lebanon (877) RACE-LAP
University of Memphis Memphis (901) 678-6000
Consultat Safety Systems of America Memphis (901) 382-4658
The Justice Network Memphis (901) 454-7880
Maxwell Driving School Memphis (901) 755-6777
Rusty Wallace Racing Experience Millington (855) 227-8789
National Auto Sport Association Millington (510) 232-6272
Fast Forward Traffic School Murfreesboro (615) 589-3279
ABC Traffic School Nashville (615) 948-2750
General Sessions Traffic Education Program Nashville (615) 862-8345


Most of these courses focus on refining driving skills while also preparing adult students for different types of driving situations that may be encountered.  Learning ways to become a defensive driver are the most important and successful ways to avoid accidents.  It has been proven that maintaining awareness of your situation can prevent traffic crashes from occurring.

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Benefits of Advanced Driving Education

No matter how long you may have been driving, we can all benefit from refining our driving skills and better educating ones self.  The skills that can be learned are of extreme value in the event where an accident can be avoided by acting quickly and safely.  The following include a list of some of the most important benefits learned in an advanced driving course:

Many times being an aware and alert driver can be the difference between being involved in an accident or not. This means that it is imperative for all drivers to become educated with the most current and best driving techniques.  Tennessee advanced driver courses include the most informative and educational ways to keep in touch with the most important driving habits and skills.  At Greg Coleman Law we believe that the most educated driver is the safest driver.

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Since 1990 Greg Coleman Law has tried more than 100 jury trials and countless bench trials, which means he has the legal experience to help you with your situation.  Over the years we have come to understand exactly how important maintaining a drivers education is for ourselves and all others.  We have noticed an extreme difference between a defensive driver and an uneducated driver, so as a result; we encourage everyone to take advanced driver classes in order to maintain top notch driving habits and skills.

If you or someone you know has been involved in an automobile accident, you could be entitled to compensation.  Greg Coleman Law is here to represent you in the court of law and will seek the maximum compensation possible for you or your family members.

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