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Tennessee Family’s Litter Clean-Up Project A Success

Posted on behalf of Greg Coleman Law on Jul 12, 2013 in Uncategorized

A Tennessee family has taken the initiative to help eliminate litter along the highways, interstates and roadways of our state with their summer project, dubbed, Pickin Up Tennessee.

Traveling across the state in their RV, the Porfiri family is doing more than their part to help keep Tennessee free of debris, and the whole Porfiri crew is in on the action. Parents Linda and Dave along with their two daughters, Jane, 10, and Harlan, 8are proudly promoting their message of love the land, lose the litter.

Linda and Dave Porfiri note that their main motivation for Pickin Up Tennessee is the valuable lessons it can teach their daughters about the pride people get from their community and the importance of keeping our states roads and highways clean for us all to enjoy.

The Porfiri family has captured their adventure on film, which also gave them a chance to explore and document the rich musical heritage and happenings of Tennessee.

Quality time that they spend together brings a family closer together, in my opinion, Dave Porfiri says. Its just as simple as that.

The attorneys of Greg Coleman Law applauds the Porfiri family in their efforts to keep Tennessee's roads beautiful and free of debris, and want to remind drivers to stay safe!

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