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Survey Finds Transportation Workers Sleep Deprived

Posted on behalf of Greg Coleman Law on Mar 06, 2012 in Auto Accident

According to a new poll by the National Sleep Foundation (NSF), transportation workers such as truck drivers, pilots and train conductors are more sleep deprived than non-transportation workers. The NSF reports that 11 percent of transportation employees work while sleepy compared to seven percent of non-transportation workers. Researchers are concerned about the safety of the transportation workers and the public. Many transportation workers reported that their job performance is affected by fatigue. Twenty percent of pilots admitted to committing a serious error, while sleep deprived. Fourteen percent of truck drivers reported having a near miss due to fatigue.

HealthDay News reports that the NSF polled 1,100 pilots, truck drivers, train conductors, bus, taxi and limo drivers, as well as non-transportation workers.

Unfortunately, too many motor vehicle accidents are caused by driver fatigue. If you or a loved one has been involved in an accident due to driver fatigue, you may be eligible to file a lawsuit. Contact the experienced Knoxville auto accident attorneys at Greg Coleman Law to discuss your legal options. Fill out the contact form on this page tor receive a free case review.

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