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Skechers Settlement

Posted on behalf of Greg Coleman Law on May 22, 2012 in Consumer Alerts

Last week, Skechers settled a lawsuit with federal and state officials over false advertising allegations. Government officials said Skechers made false and unsubstantiated claims that their Shape-ups, Tone-ups and other toning shoes helped people lose more weight and get more muscle tone than wearing regular fitness shoes.

On Wednesday, the Federal Trade Commission announced a $40 million settlement and a group of 44 state attorneys general announced an additional $5-million settlement. According to The Los Angeles Times, most of the settlement will be distributed to consumers that purchased Shape-ups or other toning shoes.

Skechers denies the false advertising claims, but said they did not want to endure the cost of defending multiple lawsuits in multiple courts across the country.

Consumers who purchased the shoes are eligible for a refund from the settlement. For additional information about the refund, visit

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